Northern Consortium English Exams EAP

Ten UK universities from the North of England established this skills-based academic English language test as test of ability to gain admission.  Scores map neatly onto IELTS results and can be considered an alternative to IELTS or TOEFL for higher education among participating institutions.

Visit their website:  NCUK EAP


The NCUK EAP exam is an IELTS-like test of academic English which students on NCUK programmes take to gain admission to sixteen NCUK universities in the UK and a range of other universities in the UK, Ireland, North America, Australia and the Caribbean.  The test is embedded in an academic English language programme, which is assessed by coursework and the EAP exam, each contributing 50% to the final grade. The final EAP grade is mapped onto IELTS and is considered as an alternative, for example, to IELTS or TOEFL for university entry among participating institution.

NCUK EAP shows you

·       can communicate effectively orally and in writing in an academic environment

·       understand academic integrity and can demonstrate it in your work

·       have a level of English that enables you to meet the challenges of disciplinary study at university

Reasons to choose NCUK EAP

Accepted for entry to under- and postgraduate courses at NCUK and a growing number of partner universities.

Pros: Course offers good grounding in academic English. A combination of coursework and exam provides a balanced assessment of language and academic skills.

Cons: Exam is embedded in course and cannot be taken on its own.

Best suited to: Those who are considering study at one of the NCUK or partner universities.

CEFR level: B2 – C1

English test format: paper-based

No of papers: 4

How long is the exam? 4 hours 10 minutes

Skills tested: reading, writing, listening, speaking

How long until I get my result? 4 – 6 weeks

How long is the test valid for? 2 years


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